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Today's Call Centre Opening Hours:

Want To Know What It's Like To Work At Hughes?

Q. How long have you been at Hughes Insurance Michele?

I’ve been a Sales Advisor at Hughes Insurance now for 9 months and have recently passed my 6 month probation period, which I am delighted about!

Q. What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day is an eight hour day, with breaks scheduled in. When I arrive, I get myself ready for the day by getting all the programs up and running so that no matter what the call is, I will have everything ready to go. Every morning I come in and have my daily target to work towards that then goes towards my overall monthly targets. Every call and customer is different so I get to help a variety of people in different scenarios.

In my team, we also come in slightly early for our shifts to grab a coffee and catch up with each other before starting the day. We have a very close team that enjoys having a great day of sales together and individually and although we like working hard, we are a very relaxed team which makes our work atmosphere excellent.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your role?

I now enjoy the actual sales side of my job which I struggled with at the start but I have now found it to be very enjoyable especially considering our team encourages each other so much.

Q. What was the training like when you started your new role?

The training from start to finish was exceptional. You meet everyone in the different sections of Hughes to get a feel for the various areas within the company. Our trainers were very patient and extremely knowledgeable regarding our jobs and all that it would entail. Not only did they continue to help us progress within the training room but also when we started on the phones. We have had a few different mentors to help us grow within our role as insurance advisors and there are always options for any extra help or training that you may need no matter what you struggle with. So your training never really stops as it is all about continue to learn and improve as much as possible. Any trainer that I have worked with as been not only professional but also relaxed which made our training fun, interactive and highly motivating.

Q. If you were speaking to someone who was thinking of applying for this role, what would you tell them?

Get applying!! If you want to work for a company that wants you to grow and constantly learn and improve not only within your team but personally as well then Hughes is the place to be. Thanks to my manager, she has already discussed with me where I would like to see myself within the company over the next few years and has set goals and a progression pathway to help me get to where I would like to work within Hughes. Considering I have only been in the company now nine months the clear pathways that the company want you to go through and continue to progress within the company have been exceptional.

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