Strangest Things to be Insured

When you think of your insurance needs, what pops into your mind? For most it is car insurance, house insurance, van insurance, or even business insurance, right?
Well. There’s a wacky insurance world we thought you might enjoy.

Check out our list of the strangest things to be insured!

  1. Death by laughter
    In the 1990s, a 1 million dollar policy was issued that would pay out if any film-goers died from excessive laughter.
  2. Alien abduction
    In 2011, a magazine reported that actress Shirley MacLaine had taken an insurance policy which would pay out £25,000 for any losses incurred as a result of an alien abduction. Surprisingly, she is not alone! There have been policies issued to insure against alien abduction, or being turned into a werewolf or vampire.
  3. TV game show
    ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ is insured against a contestant winning the jackpot amount.
  4. Cold feet
    When you’re planning a wedding, insurance isn’t normally associated with your planning. Most will take out a policy to protect from accidents which would force you to cancel – such as a flood. However, there are policies that will cover you if your bride or groom gets cold feet and leaves you waiting at the aisle!
  5. Death by falling coconuts
    Dr Peter Brass published an article in 1984 about falling coconuts falling and hitting people, and resulting in their death. He, without factual evidence, said that 150 people a year died by falling coconuts. Many axed down their coconut trees in fear, and a UK insurance provider set up a falling coconuts insurance.
    Now, that is nuts.
  6. Loch Ness Monster
    The existence of the Loch Ness Monster has been debated for many years. However, The Cutty Stark company have been willing to put their money where their mouth is, offering a £1 million reward if an individual was able to find and capture the creature alive. However, after offering their prize fund, to cover their losses, the company took out an insurance policy that will pay out if Nessie ever was found.
  7. Lottery winners insurance
    No, this isn’t to cover the winner – they’ve been lucky enough to make a big win. Small businesses can take out an insurance policy to protect themselves against staff winning the lottery and quitting their jobs.
  8. Tongues
    There’s something about musicians sticking out their tongues, back in the 70’s Kiss vocalist Gene Simmons stuck out his tongue even more often than Miley Cyrus! There were rumours that the singer had an operation to make his tongue longer, in addition to taking out a $1 million policy to protect the asset.
  9. Zombie apocalypse
    A UK insurer is offering coverage for a ‘potential zombie apocalypse and resulting cleaning costs’; personally, we think people have been watching too much of the Walking Dead!
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