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Hughes Drive FAQ

HughesDrive by Hughes Insurance
HughesDrive is Hughes Insurance’s Telematics App.

Young drivers are often faced with costly insurance premiums. We created HughesDrive to help offer more affordable options to young drivers.

Telematics is a relatively new development in the car insurance industry. We want you to get the most out of HughesDrive. If you’re new to Telematics, or you’d like to know more about HughesDrive, please consult the frequently asked questions below.

There are plenty of myths about Telematics out there. Let us clear up the top Telematics misconceptions.


  • What is Telematics?

Put simply, Telematics measures how you drive. A small device in your car—in this case, your Smartphone with the HughesDrive App installed—relays information about your driving behaviours to your insurer. Hughes Insurance have introduced this technology to help make insurance more affordable for young drivers.


Using Hughes Drive
  • How does HughesDrive work?
  • HughesDrive is a Telematics App for your Smartphone that monitors your driving. It records metrics such as how often you drive, how far you go, your acceleration, braking, and swerving. It uses this information to calculate a personalised driving score, which you can view on your secure in-App dashboard.
  • Once you have activated the App on your Smartphone, remember to bring it on every journey made in your car. It will act as a ‘black box’ and must record every journey.
  • The HughesDrive App uses approximately 4MB of data each month—based on an average of 10,000 miles of driving per year.


Why do I have to pair my Smartphone with my car?
  • The HughesDrive App uses Bluetooth to register when your car’s ignition is turned on or off. This signals the start and the end of a journey.


How do I download and activate the HughesDrive App?
  • HughesDrive is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google's Play store.
  • You will receive an email with your login details for the HughesDrive App when you purchase your HughesDrive insurance policy. Once you receive this email, you have 24 hours to download the App and complete Bluetooth pairing with your car. If you don’t, your insurance may be cancelled. Once you’ve downloaded the App and completed the instructions, you are all set.


I haven’t received my welcome email. What should I do?


My car doesn’t have Bluetooth. Can I still use HughesDrive?

Yes! If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, simply request a Beacon via the HughesDrive App. Attach it to the inside of your windscreen when it arrives, then pair it with your Smartphone. Simply:

  • Enable Bluetooth on your Smartphone and open the HughesDrive App.
  • Ensure location services are enabled on your Smartphone.
  • Tap the ‘search’ button on the App, and select ‘HughesDrive Beacon’ from the options list.
  • Press ‘Connect my App’, and that’s it!


How does HughesDrive record data?
  • HughesDrive captures data through various sensors that are built into your Smartphone, including the GPS location. HughesDrive uses this data to determine your driving behaviour such as location, speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, swerving and usage. This data is then used to create a driving score, which is measured against smoothness, speed and usage.


What happens if I go over the speed limit?
  • If you speed, this will have a negative impact on your score, this could lead to you obtaining a red score. If you consistently have Red weekly driving scores, your policy may face cancellation. Hughes Insurance and or your Insurer reserve the right to cancel your policy at any time in the event that excessive speed is detected.
  • Speeding is illegal, you should adhere to the speed limit for the road you are driving on at all times.


What happens if I change my phone?
  • Don’t worry. You will need to download the HughesDrive App from the appropriate App store. On the log in screen of the App, type your username which was supplied in your welcome email at the purchase of your insurance policy, next enter your password. You will then be prompted to go through the set-up process again, and you will also be required to pair your new phone to the Bluetooth in your car or your Beacon via the HughesDrive App. If you have any issues, talk to us on 028 9182 9268.


Can I install HughesDrive on any phone?
  • HughesDrive only works on Apple iOS (13 and above) and Android smartphones (6.0.1 and above).
  • Some phones are not compatible with the HughesDrive App including Xiaomi, Huawei, Oneplus, Oppo, TCL, Cubot, Realme IQOO, VIVO and Nothing.


What happens if I change my car?
  • Talk to us on 028 9182 9268 if you change your car during the policy year. One of our local advisors will provide you with a quote for a change of vehicle on your existing policy.
  • You will need to go through the HughesDrive App set-up process again, to upload photos of your new vehicle, and to pair it with the Bluetooth in your new car. Should you require a HughesDrive Beacon for your new car, you can order one through the HughesDrive App, or by calling us on 028 9182 9268.


What happens if my Beacon stops working?
  • Contact us immediately on 028 9182 9268 if you believe there is an issue with your HughesDrive Beacon. It is a condition of your policy that all journeys in the insured vehicle are recorded, your Beacon allows the App to track journeys, so it is important it is working.


Some telematics policies have driving curfews. Is there a curfew on a HughesDrive policy?
  • There is no curfew with a HughesDrive policy, you are insured to drive both day and night. If you regularly drive late at night, this may have a negative impact on your weekly score.


Will my mileage be capped?
  • Unlike other Telematics insurers, there is no mileage cap on HughesDrive policies.
  • When obtaining a car insurance quote, it is important to estimate your annual mileage as accurately as possible, as this may affect the premium you are quoted.


To Keep HughesDrive app running smoothly, there are a few important things to remember:
  • Make sure all permissions are enabled.
  • Don't put your phone into Power Saving mode
  • Let us know when you're going on Holiday - so we know why your journeys aren't being recorded.
  • Clearing your phones cache can improve performance.
  • All of these are explained in detail below.


Why do I need all permissions enabled?
  • To make sure the HughesDrive app is functioning correctly make sure all the permissions are enabled. The app will prompt for these permissions when you open and log in for the first time.
  • It's important to remember not to close the HughesDrive app at any point. Closing the app stops functionality. It may also result in an increased excess if you have an accident where the journey hasn't been recorded.


Why do I need location services on at all times?
  • By setting the location permissions for the HughesDrive app to 'Always', we can accurately pinpoint each journey you make and create a map of the journey for you to view in-app.
  • Setting permissions to 'always' also means the App know when you aren't driving the car - so no false recordings!


My phone has power saving mode - does this affect the app?
  • Power save mode reduces functionality of the HughesDrive app (as well as other apps, Inc Instagram!) This is because it can turn off location services and Bluetooth, reducing functionality of the app.
  • Avoid using power saving mode to ensure your HughesDrive app records journeys correctly.


I'm going on Holiday - why do I need to tell you?
  • We're not trying to jump into your suitcase (Unless you let us!), but if you tell us before you jet off, we'll know that if your HughesDrive App stop's sending us data its because your away from your car. It also stops you receiving reminder emails whilst your not sending journey information.
  • Just send us an email via the 'Policy' section of the HughesDrive app and we will keep your records updated.


HughesDrive driving scores


How is my score calculated?
  • The HughesDrive App collects and analyses data about your driving behaviour to calculate your score for each journey. A journey starts when your Smartphone pairs with your car’s Bluetooth, or your HughesDrive Beacon’s Bluetooth. It ends when you switch off the engine. The overall journey score is calculated based on the smoothness, speed, and usage.


What is ‘smoothness’?
  • The HughesDrive App can detect sharp acceleration, braking, deceleration and changes in direction. The harder you break and the sharper you swerve, the worse your score for smoothness will be.


What is ‘speed’?
  • Speed - Speed is measured against the speed limit for the roads being driven. Driving over the speed Limit will have a negative impact on your Score.


What is a speeding event?
  • A speeding event occurs when the App detects that you are exceeding the speed limit of the road you are driving on.


What is ‘usage’?
  • Usage measures three aspects of your driving—the time of day, how many journeys you make, and the duration of each journey. Your usage score will go down if you make a journey that starts at any time between 11 pm and 5 am. Accidents are more frequent and severe between these times.


What will my score be at the beginning of my policy?
  • Your score will be zero when you begin your HughesDrive policy. The best possible score is +10. The worst possible score is -10. You will see your first score after your first journey. Your weekly driving score will be reset to zero at midday every Monday. If you have a bad week, and don’t score in the Green, don’t worry.


How often is my driving score updated on the App?
  • Journey information is uploaded to our servers in real time, so you should be able to view your journey and score by the time you’ve switched off the ignition. On some occasions, you may face a delay in your journey being uploaded, as it depends on the strength of your GPS signal lock.


Can I check my driving score during the week?
  • Yes. Go to the ‘My Dashboard’ tab in the HughesDrive App to view your current weekly score. If you notice your score is amber, don’t be disheartened.


What information can I view on my driving style?
  • The HughesDrive App records every single journey you make. You can view how every journey affects your driving score by accessing your personalised dashboard on the App.


What happens if my driving score is low?
  • Your HughesDrive policy is not at risk of mid-term premium increases—so long as your details remain the same, such as your address.
  • Remember, if your weekly driving score is consistently Red, or poor driving behaviour is exhibited, Hughes Insurance reserve the right to cancel the policy.


Will Hughes share the data generated by the HughesDrive App?
  • Please refer to the full Terms & Conditions for information on how your Telematics data is used.
  • If you have any other questions about your data and telematics, pop over to our Telematics: The Truth page.


Policy information


How do I get my policy documents?
  • Your policy documents will be emailed to you when you purchase your HughesDrive insurance policy or you can request to have your documents posted.


Can I be insured before the App is installed?
  • Once your cover starts, you have 24 hours to download the HughesDrive App and complete the set-up procedure as outlined in the App and in your welcome email. If you do not complete the download and set-up within 24 hours, your policy may be cancelled. If you are having difficulties, please call us on 028 9182 9268, and one of our local advisors will help.
  • Any journeys that are not recorded by the HughesDrive App that result in a claim will be subject to an additional £1000 accidental damage excess.


Can I add a named driver to my policy?
  • Yes. You can have named drivers on your policy, however, it is subject to that driver being acceptable to your insurer. Talk to us on 028 9182 9268 to add a named driver to your HughesDrive policy.


If I have named drivers on my policy, do they have to install the App?
  • The HughesDrive App must be downloaded by both the policyholder and named drivers on a policy. Any journeys taken by you or the named drivers must be recorded by the HughesDrive App.
  • You will be subject to an additional £1000 accidental damage excess if you or a named driver is in an accident without HughesDrive operating, as per our policy terms and conditions.


How does a named driver download the HughesDrive App?
  • You will be sent an email with login details for any named drivers you add to your HughesDrive policy. The named driver must download and install the HughesDrive App from the appropriate App store and log in using the details sent to you. Once the named driver has logged in, they will be prompted to update their username and password. They will then be required to accept the terms and conditions of HughesDrive and complete registration by pairing their phone with the insured vehicle through the HughesDrive App.


Can I still purchase a HughesDrive policy if I am not the main driver of the vehicle?
  • To hold a HughesDrive policy, it is a requirement that the policyholder is the main driver of the vehicle.


Does it matter where I keep my car overnight?
  • It does! You must disclose the correct address that your vehicle will be kept when you apply for a HughesDrive by Hughes Insurance car insurance quote. The HughesDrive App can monitor the postcodes where your vehicle visits more often.
  • Hughes Insurance reserve the right to contact you should the disclosed address appear incorrect.


Does a HughesDrive policy provide cover for driving outside the UK?
  • Yes! A car insurance policy with HughesDrive covers driving within all of the EU as per your policy wording.


Does HughesDrive cover modified cars?
  • Some minor modifications may be acceptable on referral. If your vehicle has been modified in any way from the manufacturer’s specifications, please let us know immediately on 028 9182 9268.


What if my new car doesn’t have Bluetooth?

If your new car doesn’t have Bluetooth, simply request a Beacon via the HughesDrive App. Attach it to the inside of your windscreen when it arrives, then pair it with your Smartphone:

  • Enable Bluetooth on your Smartphone and open the HughesDrive App.
  • Ensure location services are enabled on your Smartphone
  • Tap the ‘search’ button on the App, and select ‘HughesDrive Beacon’ from the options list.
  • Press ‘Connect my App’, and that’s it!
  • You will not be able to reuse the Beacon from your previous car because the adhesive will no longer hold.


What should I do if I need a windscreen repair?
  • Windscreen cover is included with all HughesDrive comprehensive car insurance policies.
  • For more information on the windscreen claims process visit our claims page.


What should I do if I’ve been involved in an accident?
  • You must notify our claims handlers, Motorists Insurance Services (MIS), if you have had an accident. For full details, visit our guide to car insurance claims.


What should I do if my car has been stolen?
  • Call the police and report the theft as soon as possible. Once you have provided the police with the details, you will be supplied with a Crime Reference Number. Talk to MIS on 028 9041 0220 to report the theft and to make a claim on your insurance.


Can I cancel my HughesDrive insurance policy?

If you wish to cancel your HughesDrive insurance policy, talk to us on 028 9182 9268 or refer to the cancellation section in your policy booklet.




Can I pay by monthly instalments?
  • Yes – you can spread the cost of your premium by paying a monthly Direct Debit subject to criteria.




I need my windscreen fixed

Windscreen Claims with Hughes Comprehensive Cover*

  • If your windscreen can be repaired and you use National Windscreens, you will not have to pay an excess. If your windscreen is damaged beyond repair, your replacement will be subject to an excess as shown on your policy schedule. Cover is unlimited if you use National Windscreens to replace or repair your glass.
  • Your insurer will not pay more than the market value of your car for the cost of repairing or replacing your glass.
  • Terms, limits and exclusions apply.
  • *Windscreen cover applies to Comprehensive cover only. If your windscreen cannot be repaired and needs replaced an excess is payable by you the Policyholder.
  • View our Hughes Insurance Glass Cover information here.


Hughes Drive iOS Update


What changes will I see?
  • The changes have been made in the background of the app so it won’t look any different when you’re using it. These changes have improved the overall tracking of your journeys. We have worked with Apple’s iOS restrictions to ensure your journeys are as accurate as possible.


Below is  more information on the recent updates and what to expect. Please get in touch if you have any further queries.


Start location of journeys may be slightly delayed.
  • This is due to the Significant Location Change service that Apple introduced as a power-friendly alternative for tracking apps that require location data. The SLC service delivers updates only when there has been a significant change in the device’s location. Therefore, this can cause some journeys to show as having a delayed start. We have introduced a new feature to assist with this service to give an accurate as possible journey and mileage capture.


Journeys under one mile
  • These journeys will record, however, they may be presented slightly different to what you are expecting. As it is a short journey, the app needs to identify the start of the journey, your location and start to record. This could mean that it may miss part of this short journey due to the time it has to start up and the data strength in the area.


Apple Car Play
  • Unfortunately, the most recent iOS update has meant that the app is unable to run whilst wired car play is in use. This should be fixed with the next iOS release, we will let you know when this is!  In the meantime, please refrain from using Apple car play whilst driving.

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