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How To Make A Home Insurance Claim

How do I report a claim?

If you need to notify of an incident or make a claim, contact our claims handlers, Motorists Insurance Services (MIS).

MIS Claims Report Line: 02890 410220

MIS capture all the information relating to your claim and forward this to your insurance company.


What information will I need when I call MIS to report a claim?

You will need to have your:

  • Broker reference
  • Personal information to verify your identity
  • The date of the incident
  • The cause of the loss or damage
  • Details of the loss or damage together with the claim value (if known)
  • Police details (Where applicable)
  • Names & addresses of any other parties involved or responsible for the incident (including details of injuries) and addresses of any witnesses.


How long will my claim take to be processed?

  • Timescales for claims vary, depending on the nature and the extent of damage/loss.


Will I have to pay an excess?

  • All policies include an excess. The amount you will have to pay in respect of a claim depends on the nature of the claim, the compulsory excess applied at inception or renewal by your insurance company and any voluntary excess you selected.

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