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Here For Sofa Saturdays

Like it or loathe it, Northern Irish weather in February tends to be on the wetter side. We can’t change the weather, but we can help bring you together for a Sofa Saturday; cuddling up in the warmth of your home, whilst making your way through out Top 10 must see kids movies. So, park yourself up and come on the journey with us as we make our way through the classics.

1. Toy Story

We could spend a whole Saturday watching just these movies. Join Buzz, Woody and the gang as they journey through life with Andy on many an adventure. Ideal for kids young and old.

2. Frozen

Solidifying its place as a classic we will keep you from being Frozen this weekend as you cuddle up and watch this heart-warming movie starring the lovable Olaf, Anna and of course the Ice Queen herself Elsa. Prepare to have this on repeat!

3. Finding Nemo

For an adventure that journeys through the deep sea it has to be Finding Nemo. Relatable for parents in particular who know the lengths we go to in order to protect what matters. A movie the teaches independence, determination and loyalty.

4. Annie

A throwback for the older kids among us, Annie makes its way into the number 4 spot in our list. Stick with the classic or you could try the 2014 version starring Jamie Foxx. Either way ‘Tomorrow’ will certainly be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

5. Despicable Me

The minions make a return as they shuffle into the number 5 spot on our list. Gru, a super villain and his horde of yellow minions plots to steal the moon, until he adopts 3 young girls who quickly melt his cold-heart knocking his evil plans out of sync.

6. Moana

A Disney Princess with a difference. Moana, daughter of a tribe’s chief, turns the traditional princess profile on its head, she as she faces the task of braving the ocean in order to save her island and family from a curse. A tale of bravery, family roots and true discovery.

7. The Lego Movie

Everyone loves Lego, right. Well you’ll love it even more now as you watch the crazy, bizarre and brilliant world of The Lego Movie unravel. With a witty script, kids and parents will be laughing as hard as each other where you’ll hear an all star-studded cast including Liam Neeson, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman and more. A must watch!

8. The Goonies

We can’t compile a best movies list for kids and not include this classic. Join the journey with Mikey, Chuck, Mouth and Data as they take on an adventure of a lifetime to save their families home. With a simple plan to find One-Eyed Willies treasure, they are bound together in a quest that takes many an unexpected turn. A movie that’s best for older kids.

9. Harry Potter

Again, a whole Saturday could be spent watching these movies A magical realm of fantasy and excitement, and spell bounding characters, you will be hooked on this series. For younger kids we’d recommend movies 1-3. The later films get a little bit darker as Harry Potter, the orphaned boy in the Wizarding World takes on his arch nemesis, ‘he who must not be named,’ in a journey with highs and lows, friendship and rivalry, imagination and dramatisation.

10. UP

An exciting, poignant and funny adventure that sets out on the unlikely journey featuring Carl and Russell as the voyage together in a floating house to Paradise Falls. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all you’ll smile.

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