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Changes You Must Notify Your Insurer Of

Changes you must notify your insurer of.

Did you know that once your insurance policy is up and running, if you make certain changes throughout the policy year, you must inform your insurer?

Changes which you must make your insurer aware of could include but are not limited to:

  • A change to the persons insured, including changes to licence or occupation
  • Motoring or criminal convictions
  • Any change of vehicle
  • Any vehicle modifications
  • Any changes affecting ownership of your car
  • Any change in the way that your car is used
  • If you sell your car
  • If you change the address at which you normally keep your car

You can make any of the above changes by contacting our customer service team on 02891 817375 or via email on [email protected]. If you are contacting us to complete a change of vehicle please ensure you have the details of the vehicle you are changing to available.

Be aware that a change of vehicle could result in an additional premium being charged or in fact a refund being attributed. It is always a good idea to check the insurance before you purchase a new car so you aware of any potential charges that could occur.