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Car Tyre Maintenance

Car tyre maintenance.

Many of us are guilty of taking them for granted and waiting until our car is in need of a service or MOT to be told of any issues.

The tyres on your car are vital to your safety, after all, they are the only part of your car which is in contact with the road and play a role in the steering, braking and transmission of power.

Aside from the safety element, there is legislation which must be followed, worn tyres could result in a fine and penalty points!


Tyre tread

  • The tread is the part of your tyres which comes in contact with the road. Legally your tyres must have at least 1.6mm of tread (depth) for the central three quarters.


Tyre Pressure

  • Ensuring your tyre pressure is in line with the car manufacturer’s recommended level will help to extend the life cycle of your tyres, and improve your car’s fuel efficiency and safety.

Your vehicle’s handbook will detail what the tyre pressure for your car should be.

It is important to regularly check your tyres – if you are involved in an accident and they are not deemed road worthy, your car insurance may not cover your claim.

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