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Important Information for HughesDrive® Additional Drivers


HughesDrive® is a telematics based motor insurance product. The following information will help you understand what details we collect about you as an additional driver under a HughesDrive® policy and how they are used. Full details about how Hughes Insurance uses personal information and your rights is included in our Fair Processing Notice which can be located here. By using the HughesDrive® app you are agreeing to the use of your Telematics Data.

Definitions - For words or expressions which appear in this document, please find the meaning below.

Telematics Data - Telematics Information collected about you including driving behaviour. This includes the following tracking information:

  • The start date, time and location of the journey
  • The end date, time and location of the journey
  • The duration and distance travelled within the journey
  • Direction of travel, route taken and smoothness of the journey
  • The Speed within the journey

HughesDrive ® App - The telematics app, downloaded and installed onto your Apple iOS or Android smartphone that collects and transmits data.

Beacon -A low energy Bluetooth® device which is requested by policyholders who do not have a Bluetooth® enabled vehicle. The Beacon allows the app to track journeys.

Service Providers - Companies that provide the telematics app, which collects and transmits Telematics Data, analyse that Telematics Data on our behalf and transmit the Telematics Data to us.

We, Our, Us - Hughes Insurance Services Limited (Hughes Insurance) on behalf of the insurer.

The Insurer - the insurer stated on the policyholder’s schedule of motor insurance.

Collection and Use of Data

All journeys in the insured vehicle must be tracked. Please ensure that you:

  • Ensure location services for the HughesDrive® App is set to “Always” on all applicable mobile devices.
  • Ensure the HughesDrive® App is logged into at all times.
  • Ensure the HughesDrive® App is running at all times.
  • Ensure your mobile device is connected to the insured vehicle or beacon via Bluetooth® whenever the insured vehicle is being driven

Occasionally we may have to contact you to request that you update your HughesDrive App to the latest version. Mobile device operating system updates may require that you have to modify your enabled permissions to allow the HughesDrive App to continue to accurately record journeys.

Should an incident occur during an untracked journey, an additional policy excess will apply.

Your data will processed in accordance with our Fair Processing Notice.

The HughesDrive® App will record and analyse the Telematics Data during your journeys in the policyholder’s vehicle. We, the insurer and the Service Providers will collect, process and store this information.

The app will capture and send your Telematics Data at frequent intervals to the Service Provider. We, the insurer and the Service Providers will use the information to understand various aspects relating to your journey. This information will be used to build up a profile of how, where and when the car is driven and calculate the driving score for each of your journeys. You will be provided with a score for each of your own journeys in the policyholder’s vehicle.

Journey scores are broken into three segments which range from -10 to +10.

  • Smoothness – acceleration, braking, deceleration, changes in direction and up and down movement (for example driving over speed bumps and potholes) are measured. Harsh braking, acceleration or cornering will have a negative effect on your driving score.
  • Speed – speed is measured against the speed limit for the roads being driven. Driving over the speed limit will have a negative impact on your score.
  • Usage – time of day, volume of journeys and journey duration are measured. Driving between the hours of 11pm and 5am will have a negative impact on your score.
  • These journey scores contribute to the overall policy driving score which is visible to the policyholder and all named drivers and may be used in the assessment of premium at renewal.

We, the Insurer and the Service Providers will use the Telematics Data from the app for the purpose of assessing driving behaviour to:

  • Help prevent and detect fraud
  • Develop, along with Telematics Data collected from other policies, products and services.
  • Provide analysis, research and statistics.

The insurer may also use the Telematics Data to help verify the circumstances and determine the outcome in the event of a claim, loss or theft.