Guide to car insurance claims

How do I report a claim?
If you need to notify of an incident or make a claim, contact our claims handlers, Motorists Insurance Services (MIS).

MIS Claims Report Line: 028 90 410220

MIS capture all the information relating to your claim and forward this to your insurance company.

What information will I need when I call MIS to report a claim?
You will need to have your:

  • Broker reference
  • Personal information to verify your identity
  • The date of the incident
  • The cause of the loss or damage
  • Details of the loss or damage together with the claim value (if known)
  • Police details (Where applicable)
  • Names & addresses of any other parties involved or responsible for the incident (including details of injuries) and addresses of any witnesses.

How long will my claim take to be processed?
Timescales for claims vary, depending on the nature and the extent of damage/loss.

Will I have to pay an excess?
All policies include an excess. The amount you will have to pay in respect of a claim depends on the nature of the claim, the compulsory excess applied at inception or renewal by your insurance company and any voluntary excess you selected.

Windscreen Claims with Hughes Comprehensive Cover

To book a windscreen repair or replacement, please contact National Windscreens on 0800 028 0002 or book an appointment on National Windscreen’s website.

If your windscreen can be repaired and you use National Windscreens, you will not have to pay an excess. If your windscreen is damaged beyond repair, your replacement will be subject to an excess as shown on your policy schedule. Cover is unlimited if you use National Windscreens to replace or repair your glass.

Your insurer will not pay more than the market value of your car for the cost of repairing or replacing your glass.

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